Doggy DNA Update

Here’s Caesar chillin’ out in the shade. It is a very hot day, 80s+, and humid. He is waiting very patiently for his DNA results. So as promised here they are.

Hmmm, not a bit of Jack Russell in there anywhere! Not surprising. I am surprised by the Australian Cattle dog though, but I love that he has that bit in him, they are wonderful dogs. The Pomeranian I expected, his eyes and tail have those traits. The Shetland Sheepdog, explains the collie-like traits of his coat. All this adds up to a small dog that loves to walk and play. A lot. And chase the cat. A lot. The health results showed a liver marker that the vet can keep an eye on, just because the trait is there in the DNA doesn’t mean it will actually ever present. But now it can be extra scrutinized.

I have to say it is pretty cool that you can do this for your dog. For us, we don’t give a hoot what his breed is, we are not pretentious, or snobby, we like mutts. They are usually better dogs anyway. But now that we know his parentage, this can help us better understand his behaviors, traits and idiosyncrasies. Here is his public profile at Embark.

Embark does a very good job of keeping you informed and presenting their results for you. (They even send you a cool short video of the results.) I highly recommend them if you want to do this for your own dog. I was impressed and very satisfied. One of the benefits of doing this test is it also compares the results to other dogs in their database to show cousins, just like FamilyFinder at FamilyTreeDNA!

DNA Tests. Not Just For People Anymore.

Caesar at 11 months of age.

We have a new puppy whom we have named Caesar. He has been in our family for three whole months now. And things have finally started to calm down around the house. “Breaking in new parents is hard work,” he keeps telling me.

We picked him up from the shelter about 2 weeks before everything officially went to hell in the world (the first time). He has actually been a great distraction while being stuck at home these last 4 months–and counting.

The previous owner said he was a Jack Russell. He doesn’t look like a Jack Russell to me, or my old man, or anyone else I mention it to.

So, because I am all into DNA testing and genealogy, I decided that Caesar is going to have his own ancestral tree to look back on, and ordered a DNA testing kit from Embark a few weeks ago (they received good reviews). The results of this test will give us his breed mix, and for a little extra money, information on his genetic health (they were having a sale I couldn’t resist).

The kit arrived in the mail yesterday. Today we are mailing out the swab. I can’t wait to hear the results. Don’t worry I will share.

“Don’t let his cuteness deceive you. He’s the devil’s minion!” We are informed by Scout, our cat.