Not A Tragedy

In 1868 my 4x great uncle Henry Robinson averted tragedy by saving a small life:

Mr. Henry Robinson, of South Hero, has been in possession of a white robin. He was haying in his orchard, and it was frightened out of its nest in an apple tree and was captured. Its eyes were pink, and it was nearsighted. Of course it was an albino.—It became a great pet, and would sing the notes of the robin with peculiar sweetness.

Apparently the occasion of albino robins appears the most prevalent of all the bird species, with most being partially albino. But in this case because the poor little blighter had pink eyes he was fully albino, and would have most likely eventually gone blind. (You can find an interesting article about them at this website

In the wild Mr. Robin would have had a very short life. I hope he/she appreciated that Uncle Henry did a good thing.

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