Fun With The Famous

Well, Rootstech 2022 is over now. I had a chance to watch a few presentations, but only a couple of live ones. Work got in the way – and then I have lots of beading to do before I die, along with my genealogy.

But, the videos of all the ‘classes’ will be around for a year, at least, so I have time to catch up.

This morning I woke up to a ‘THANK YOU’ email from the program along with something fun.

Well, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to brag about being related to famous people, and annoy my friends! Here is the link: Family Search Famous People

This is what you see when you click the link. You can scroll down the whole page from ‘Leaders’ to ‘Athletes’. If you click on one of the names, it shows you the direct tree of descent for both of us (ME and the Famous person), side by side.

I know that this line is correct for me, through research, so, hello cousin Helen.

Most of the famous relations appear to be on my mother’s side. But, Dad might be happy to know that Audrey Hepburn is a cousin of his. Some of my favorites? Amelia Earhart, Marie Antoinette, Emily Dickinson and Abraham Lincoln!

So, go ahead and have some fun. (For family — if you need to sign in to see the matches, just send me an email or text and I will give you the info you need).

One of the interesting things about this for me is seeing ancestors in my tree that I am unaware of, so now I have more research to do to see if these connections are actually true. That’s helpful.

Later. Got more beading to do.