I’mmmm baaack…

I guess I misspoke in my earlier post. I didn’t really have a speck to time to keep folks updated on my progress during my research trip. The hours flew by, then exhaustion set in, then sleep. Next day do it all over again.

But now I am home and all I can say is, the trip was a bust. But only in the sense that I didn’t find a speck of evidence that Hartley Shepard is the child of Henry and Huldah Shepard. I checked court records, probate records, land deeds, tax rolls, pretty much every index I could find that they had at the Family History Library. So far, no joy.

So my next stop is going directly to the sources in Morgan and Washington counties of Ohio. I am sure there are records out there I haven’t even heard of yet.

I did find some interesting bits on our Massachusetts and Ohio relatives. Lots of local and county history books add to the tales about these people. And it is not just our Shepard line, we have Dewey, Noble, Warriner, and Ashley connections too, and they each have their own stories to tell.

I am looking forward to getting this all put together for everyone to read. Meanwhile the search for those elusive Hartley records goes on…now where did I put that magnifying glass…

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