And the answer is…

Last month FamilyTreeDNA had a huge sale on their testing kits. Not being rich, it took me a short while to decide on which upgrade I was going to invest. I decided on the familyfinder test for my husband. This is the test that shows ones ethnic breakdown.

Well, the results came in today. It appears he is 100% European – Orcadian. Orkney is part of Scotland. Imagine my surprise, after all he is half German and half Polish, what the heck?

Ahh, but Scotland was invaded by Vikings and apparently tests of the genetic make-up of the males currently living in Orkney indicates a strong Scandinavian influence.

So while his genetic make-up is Orcadian, the reason is most likely because of Vikings.

I am including a link to an interesting website that talks about Orkney’s genetic heritage.

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