Fred’s sibs…

I had a humorous and slightly embarrassing email from Freiderike this week – as she informed me she wasn’t a guy! I knew I should have been a better student of German, I would have realized the ‘e’ at the end of her name was significant.

But all is better now and the confusion is cleared up. The ‘lady’ who has been so kind as to assist me in my Isserstedt research sent me records for 4 of Fred’s brothers and sisters, which may be all he had.

They were:

  1. Johann Heinrich Isserstedt, 1812?
  2. Carl Friedrich Gottlieb Isserstedt, 1812? (died 3 June 1897) 
  3. Marie Sophia Isserstedt, 1816
  4. Johanna Maria Christiana Isserstedt, 1824?

Here are the images. Can you figure out which one is which?

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