A hell of a haul…

My great grandfather, Fred Hamm, had many wives and relationships, in fact I am sure there are some we know nothing about. His second and third wives were both named Emma, although he didn’t marry his third wife until many years after they had been living together. He divorced his second wife in 1918, so the article below could be about his second wife Emma Steinbach Fischer, or his third girlfriend/wife Emma Paugel Hamm. They were all still in International Falls, Minnesota at the time this incident occurred.
Duluth News Tribune, 4/15/1920, vol. 51, issue 335, page 1.

I don’t know what would have been worse, the illness or the trip to the hospital. This just makes me very thankful for our modern conveniences.

One thought on “A hell of a haul…

  1. Anonymous

    I hope there were at least 4 people on that stretcher and that she did no weigh over 200lbs. I those days if the appendicitis burst you were pretty much a goner. She was pretty lucky.


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