Patience is a virtue…

Although I have to admit, I am not a virtuous person. In this case the patience I have lacked hasn’t mitigated the length of time is has taken to finally find a photograph of one of my ancestors. A photograph I have been looking forward to seeing for the last 15 years.

This is what patience looks like

This folks is a picture of Hartley Shepard. And a big hug and thanks goes out to my cousin Doug Shepard for sending this to me.

He also send me a picture of two other Shepard family members. One is of a daughter-in-law, the other is James Shepard who was 20 years younger than his brother Elza, my ancestor.

You will notice that the background in the above two pictures is the same. Here’s some interesting pictures to see:

These are unlabeled pictures in our own collection. I believe that the couple on the right is William Buchanan and his wife Margaret Mobley, Jane Buchanan’s parents. Jane married Elza Shepard. I have no idea who the other gentlemen is.

The following unlabeled family images are also daguerreotypes, possibly taken around the same time. The gentleman sitting in the chair looks a lot like James Shepard in the picture above:

I have to say this post was a long time coming. Thanks again Doug and thanks to your Aunt too.

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