To John…

I ran across this image while researching my Rosa and Cross families from Niagara County, New York. I thought that it was fitting to share.

John Brooks my 4xgreat grandfather died in Niagara County in 1815 during the war of 1812. There most likely was no transportation of his body back home to his family, it would have been extremely difficult. It is doubtful that there was a headstone or permanent marker for him either. I have certainly not run across one in my cemetery searches.

But I did find a lovely memorial for those unnamed soldiers who died in the Fort Niagara area during the War of 1812. While the memorial mentions those who died in action or of wounds, and John died of an illness, I still consider this for him. After all, he did put his life on the line for his country and survived a bloody battle. It is not his fault he died of an illness, which could have been contracted because of wounds he received in the line of duty.

This image was found at the findagrave website. It is from the Old Fort Niagara Cemetery.

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