Cemetery walk…

This last Sunday (September 20) the Gillett Historical Society held a cemetery walk with members representing 5 different citizens of the city of Gillett that were buried in the Wanderer’s Rest Cemetery. My father, spouse and I decided to attend as two of the persons being represented were relatives of the John family. The weather co-operated by being sunny and relatively warm to the delight of all.

monument for John
Dad at the monument for F. W. and Johanna John.

Our cousin, Ron Hinz, played the part of Calvin John, and did a fine job of it too. After the ‘speeches’ everyone met at the Gillett Historical Society for some snacks and talk.

The coolest part of the day was meeting folks who knew Cal or F. W. or of them and the cousin we met who was a descendant of F. W. and Johanna. I am looking forward to more contact in the future.

So if you missed the walk, I have uploaded to our YouTube site the two videos I took with my iPhone of F. W. John and Calvin John. The first 1-10 seconds are missing from each talk, operator error, Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Cemetery walk…

  1. Jennifer, Thank you so much for posting this! We, at Gillett Area Historical Society, were so glad so man of the John Family were able to attend the cemetery walk. I wish that I had been able to spend more time with you and your family — but glad that you were able to visit with other family decendants. Thank so much for posting the two videos! And thanks to Nancy Hinz for her e-mail, along with the “google” link info! Many thanks for all you do!
    Nancy Smith – Gillett Area Historical Society Volunteer


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