Interesting tidbit…

I made a promise to myself to try to post a minimum of one article a week to my blog for two reasons: 1. it is good practice, 2. it keeps my audience interested. Keeping this promise has become more challenging since my work situation has changed – more hours at work means less hours able to indulge in researching for my blog. So some of my articles in the future might be a little shorter than normal, like this one, which was more of a fun indulgence.

Popcorn_HolderLast weekend the TCM channel was showing mostly Steve McQueen movies. I have always enjoyed his flicks and decided to kick back for a few hours and enjoy. Only this time I really thought about his name. McQueen.

Why not? That’s when I decided to find out if he was a long lost cousin.

The process took a short while, learning about his childhood was rough. It wasn’t a good one. He also had issues of violence with his wives. Not good, but I could see why. And he died very young. Cancer. Nasty stuff that.

So the nuts and bolts of my search? Yes, possibly, Steve McQueen is a cousin. There are trees online that have him descending from Dugal’s son Thomas, (as do I), only we part ways on the family tree at this point because I descend from Thomas’s daughter Elizabeth and Steve descends from one of her brothers. However, there are others who dispute this connection. Neither offer evidence either way.

A nice definitive answer. But, that won’t make me enjoy his movies any less!

I will not be pursuing this research any further, as it was merely a curiosity while I waited for my popcorn. Time to get back to my movie.


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