July 11, 1942 William Shepard to home


July 11, 1942

Dear Mother and Dad;
First time that I have had time to write for a long time. Please send me the following if you haven’t already,

  1. all if any of my white underwear
  2. 3 pr. new work sox, also my sweat sox.
  3. handkerchiefs
  4. house slippers
  5. Picture of the family and one of Kenny

Well thanks for the bother, I suppose I’ll get the swimming suit today, but the mail is a little bit erratic.
We have been drilling just about all the time and its getting hotter here. I think Ill go swimming tomorrow and cool off. Tell Charlie & Lydia I have 3 pals from Marion Theodore Ochs, Underwood and Burr. they are O.K. I also know quite a few fellows from Dayton.
Tell me about home when you write again & say hello to Dad and if he dont read this.
Ill have some time later if you come down. Aug 1 will probably be a busy time for me but I can get a few evenings off. Well Ill close now. Tell Ruth & Herm hello

Your son


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