July 22, 1942 William Shepard to home…


July 22, 1942

Dear Mom & Pop

Sure have been busy lately. We have been on K.P. and P.P. (common labor) for four days out of the last seven, and now they are making up for the lost time by cramming in our lectures and drilling. Dont feel bad if I write infrequent because we are busy.

I received your packages, and thanks a million. Those socks and underwear will come in handy

I don’t know where you can write me after the 26th of the month, but I’ll let you know, as soon as I can.

Mom, I appreciate the paper, but maybe you had better discontinue it. The mail facilities are overused here and I don’t like to see some boys not get letters because of the time that has to be spent on papers.

We have just about completed our Basic Training, and by the time that you receive this letter, we will have. We only have four weeks, where other branches of the service take twelve weeks.


We studied and practiced:

Military Courtesy
”  Sanitation
” Drill without arms
” Drill with ”
Gas warfare
aircraft nonelomature [nomenclature – thanks dad!]
Guard duty
Orientation lectures
and many other things, that one cant mention.

So far I think that I am doing alright. If I can handle men I will make out, and I’m not discouraged about that, because after you learn to take orders you can give them.

Love to everyone

Your son

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