October 3, 1942 William Shepard to home…


October 3, 1942

Dear Mom and Dad:

Everything is O.K. The weather is fine. The school is the best I know of. We are very busy but Ill try to drop a line once in a while. Here is my address in case you want to know.

O/C Shepard, WA
Squadron 11 Group B
Miami Beach, Florida
C/O South Seas Hotel

We don’t get out o the hotel only about once a week, then just for an hour or so. Dont come down


to see me because I wont be able to get out at all and we are allowed no visitors. Ill try to get home for Xmas as I should be commissioned on or near the 15th of December. I will probably go on to school from there.

How is everyone at home? Hope O.K. Tell Ruth and Herman the news as I dont have time to write anyone really.

Your son

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