October 12, 1942 William Shepard to home…


October 12, 1942

Dear Mother and Father,

I am 1/4 through now. I hope that I get all the way through. They are washing out men right and left here. 20% fail. Ill tell you next week what my average is, as they  give us a point average this saturday. The weather is fine. I dont know anything new, so write me and tell me about home. Id sure give anything to be back there, that is anything except peace of mind and my conscience which wouldnt let me stay home when I have a job to do. I would like to see Kenny & Lois and you, my parents but I guess I’ll have to wait, and if Im lucky I will get home Christmas. If I make it I should be commissioned about December 5-10. We have real


patrol duties here and carry loaded rifles an pistols. I drew it last wednesday night and I suppose that I’ll get it again this week end.

Ill write later so until then


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