January 2, 1943 William Shepard to home



Jan. 2-1943

Dear Mom,

I liked my presents and thanks a lot. Hope you all had a happy Christmas.

I think that you folks back home have been falling down on the job, all of you. Dad hasn’t been feeling well for quite a while and why in the —- do you all let him work like a horse. I know the answer, because you cant stop him, but you have to now. The way it sounds in letters, is that dad is getting worse, so please take care of him, take him to a doctor or clinic and if he needs a rest, make him take it.


I know how hard it is to make him do anything, but we all love him and dont want to see anything happen to him.

I am going to get flying if I can because it isn’t any more dangerous than what Ill be doing anyhow.

I know all about the insurance mother. You was swell to take it out for me because I couldnt afford it then. I appreciate it and I cant tell you how much. If I shouldn’t come back Lois & KW will need all of it, but Ill be back and I hope soon.

Everything is fine here.

Ill write again soon.

Love from

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