January 22, 1943 William Shepard to home…


January 22, 1943

Dear Dad:

I was happy to hear from you. I hear from Lois all the time but she dont tell me much about herself.

I bet Kenny is a circus. I would like to see him. How much does he weigh now?

The weather here is bad. We had a blizzard the other night that blew over a hundred homes down in Sacramento. Its raining now, as it has been for a few day.

I don’ know for sure whether or not I will be home. To many things can happen to definitely say one way or the



One more week to go, then Ill have another school behind me. This school is one Herman would have enjoyed. We have been tearing airplanes & engines apart and putting them together again. We wont have to do it as officers, but we will know how it should be done, and can better supervise it.

How is the house & farm? How are the Fritschis, Boltons and Fishers? I offer wonder about the folks at home. It seems like a long time ago since I was home. Dont work to  add Dad. Ill see you soon

Your son

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