January 27, 1943 William Shepard to home…

Finally the letter we have all been waiting for, mom’s birth.


January 287, 1943

Dear Mother,

I received your telegram this noon. Im relieved and happy. We have quite a family now don’t we? You & Lois & K. W. and Susan can come out the last of Feb. if everything goes OK.

Im trying to get to come home but I may not make it.

Mom Im sending ten dollars home and I want you to go to a flourist and arrange to have him deliver Lois a few flowers each day she is in the hospital.

Send only a few, but get real


good ones. If you can get an orchid each day. (If they don’t cost too much) If you cant, get a few roses 1/2 doz or like) use your own taste, but get something good and have them sent each day. Im enclosing some of my cards to have put in with them. See to this right away please mother.

Im real busy so Ill have to close. I appreciate all you’re doing mom and you know it.

Ill send Lois some money the first of the month.

Let me know about everything

Your son

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