January 31, 1943 William Shepard to home…

letter_shepardw_to_shepardwr_1943_01_31_p01page 1

January 31, 1943

Dear Mother & Father:

How do you like our daughter? I bet that she is as homely as K.W. was at first. Ill have a family when I get home.

Dont you know that you civilians have a hard time of it? I have been wondering how you get along without gas, coffee, sugar and many other things. We have it pretty easy in the army. All the T bones & coffee we want. Funny thing that we dont take advantage of it. Nearly everyone drinks milk and goes easy on meat

letter_shepardw_to_shepardwr_1943_01_31_p02page 2

and sugar.

Dont worry about me looking thin. I weigh about 184# now and seem to be gaining. I have many friends and keep busy.

Say, Lois mentioned something about a package, and I havent received one since Xmas. What was it all about?

Please dont worry about me. Im healthy and happy. If my unit goes overseas Ill be glad to go with it and I wouldnt want you to want me to stay here in a swivel chair. I want to go where I can do some good so I can help end this war.

letter_shepardw_to_shepardwr_1943_01_31_p03page 3

Im not in a dangerous job and its a good place to be. Please dont worry about me. If you want to worry think about the children and mothers of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, France, Norway & Russia. Some never had a chance. If I can help, in my own little way to keep the horrors of war away from my own loved ones I am going to jump at the chance.

I didnt enlist because I thought I would be drafted, it was a convenient excuse. I enlisted because I was afraid of what could happen.

letter_shepardw_to_shepardwr_1943_01_31_p04page 4

You wouldnt want me to be a slacker would you? I see too many men who pull strings to get to stay here. Thats enough though. You understand, Im sure.

I will try to write more often now that my schooling is about over. I finish here Thursday. If I can get a plane home Ill fly, but If I cant, it isnt any use trying to get home on 7 days leave.

Give my love to all
Your son

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