February 24, 1943 William Shepard to home


Pendelton Field
February 24, 1943

Dear Mom,

Enclosed is my income tax return and the $4.00 I owe on it. Please take it or send it immediately to the place you took or sent Dads. This is important because it must be in.

Everything is O.K. except that Im busy. The country here is beautiful. I know you all would like it.

I am a transportation officer. The only job I never thought of. I have 80 trucks and about 50 different trailers to supervise. I handle the maintenance ships and dispatching with a force of 90 men. This field isnt so large, only about 2000 men. Ill have to close now and get to work. Write & give my love to everyone. Dont forget to send the tax return in right away


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