February 27, 1943 William Shepard to home…


Pendleton Field, Ore.
February 27, 1943,

Dear Mother, Father, Herm & Ruth
[Translation – Dear Rachel, William, Herman[brother], Ruth[sister-in-law]]

At last I have time to write. Everything is going along alright as it can go. I am learning an entirely new job. I have studied for everything except transportation. I have a swell bunch of men to work with. About 125 of them. $500,000 to $750,000 worth of equipment. I have charge of the repair and dispatching of all the vehicles and the record keeping, many of my men are non-commissioned officers who have at least 2 years service. Im in a good outfit.

My box arrived, thank gosh. Ill send you some pictures of me in my field equipment soon. You know the pack an’ everything. I was issued a pack, bedroll & a lot of equipment. Sure is good stuff. I think I’ll bring it home with me if I can.

On some of my trucks & jeeps I have 30 calibre  & 50 calibre machine guns. They sure are “honeys”. Ill bet they could puncture a jap[nice language gramps!] to suit anones[anyone’s?] taste.

The weather has cleared up here. When I first came here is was foggy all day, but now


It is clear.

The other day I had a car break down way up in the “Rockies”. I sent  a wrecker crew up and decided to drive up myself. It was a beautiful drive. 2 ft snow on the mountains and what scenery. It is beautiful out here.

Lois will be coming out in a few weeks, as soon as I can find a place. Homes are hard to find and rent is high, but I want her to come out and she want to.

Say mom how about getting the insurance straightened out for me & write & tell me how it is. I want to pay it myself and would prefer to pay the General office wherever it is. Fix it so I can pay it up quarterly, and send me the data.

Well I’ll close wishing I could see you all.


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