March 3, 1943 Lizzie to Dick and Dad


Casa Traude Arizona

Dearest Dick: will write you I get so home sick to hear from you and see you.

How are all of your family and where is your boy that is in the Army My Bob is in Algeras Africa I have had two letters from him he was shipped across the 3 of October all the rest of the children are OK. accept Joe and he is still sick but a lot worse than he was when you and Jess were here.

How is Jess I am going to write her.

I am sending you a picture of Pats two children and  Bonnies baby and one of Jeanne she is almost grown the picture of Jeanne isnt very good but you can tell what she looks like anyway I will put a cross on[?] Bonnies babys picture and the other two are Pats babys.

Dick I sure wish you could


come to see us. This old war has made things hard for us and I think it is going to be a lot harder before it is over.

I am sure having a tuff time and Joe sick so I cant work. I have give up all hopes of him ever being wll so I just have to make the best of it.

Donna & family are in Clifton Ariz her husband is on the defence work they have rented their home in Phoenix and bought them n a 27 foot trailor house to live in they come home real often and I am so glad we get so lonesome.

Well I must close I have to go to the store I do hope you will ans? I love you with all my heart send us a picture of your self iff you have one to spare bye bye with love Lizzi.

NOTE: I am not sure who Lizzi is in relation to Dick and Dad. Relation, friend. She is not a sibling to Dick because Dick had no sister named Lizzi or Elizabeth, only a Lydia. (Lydia was married to a Charles William; they had a son Charles jr. and possibly a daughter. It also appears that they always lived in Ohio. So…not Lydia).

ALSO NOTE: My old man insists on getting credit for noticing that Casa Traude is probably Casa Grande. I never said it wasn’t : ). I write what I see.

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