April 28 [1943] Lois Shepard to in-laws…


April 28 [1943]

Dear Dick & Ruth,

Received your box Monday and letter – Was very glad to get both. Ken & Jim played the best of any day – that day. I guess it was just the lack of things to do that made them so biligerent.

Anyway they left Mon nite at 10:00 & Bill took them to the station. Then he got home at 10:30 – to bed at 11 & up at 2:30 – He left at 3:30AM and is now somewhere in the wilds of Washington. No hope of seeing ^him for a while and very little then. But he will try to get about 3 days off sometime this month. That is why he wanted me to stay. And – not knowing how things might work out – there is a possability of his returning to Pendleton after a couple of months


or going overseas. In either case he wants me to be here so he can see me whenever possible. So if you want to come out, Dick, your arrival will be greatly appreciated at any time. In fact – the sooner the better. Yesterday was my first day alone & if it is any example of those to follow – I don’t want any thank you. Just the knowledge that there is no one that I could go to in this town & no hopes of anyone dropping in for a short visit is enough to make anyone blue. Tho I’m not sorry I came for I did get to see Bill a little.

Just received your letter & one from Gertrude. Guess I’ve answered your questions all ready so whenever you can come it’s O.K. We don’t have much in the way of furniture but we make out. The worst problem is getting ice as they don’t deliver till June 1st. But it gets


cool enough at nite that things don’t spoil.

We have the softest water immaginable & it is a pleasure to wash your hair. We had beautiful weather the first week but it rains nearly every day now. Not cold but rainy. It clears up some in the afterboon. I use the lady next door’s washer for a quarter but I wash in the bathtub a lot too.

Do write & let me know if & when you are coming. I spect you are busy moving & all. Keep up the good work in writing. Hope Herman gets his deferement. We need a good man on the home front.

I’m in better spirits today than I was yesterday – thank heavens. If Ken would look at me I’d balw. Sue has a slight case of dysreah(?sp). Anyway she sh– to too much.


Will wait for word from you. And tell all the folks at home that I’ll be seeing them some time this summer.

Lost of Love

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