September 11, 1943 William Shepard to parents…


301 Service Squadron
Pendleton Army Air Field, Oregon
September 11, 1943

Dear Mom & Pop:

Day off today so I have time to write. It was hot here yesterday, altho I think it was just Indian Summer. It will cool down and the snow will fly soon, And can it get cold out here!

How is the fishing now? How is the cabin? You know, next year I hope to go up with you all. The war cant last forever.

Im going down town and wrassel with a steak this afternoon, that is, if I can find one. When I get home Im going to have a few bulls around the house just like people have dogs, then when I want a steak we’ll just amputate one.

How is your arm coming along? Sorry to hear about the accident. How is dad? Slip me a letter if you have tie. Love

Your Son

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