October 17, 1943 William Shepard to parents…


October 17, 1943

Dear Mom & Pop:

Business as usual. We have a lot of weather now. Its hot and sultry one minute and the next it’s almost snowing. It is snowing in the passes now.

Didnt get to go deer hunting but I will get to go pheasant hunting. I would like to get home but I dont know, because it is getting tough now to get away.

Ill be home one of these days and pester the life out of all of you so dont worry. My thoughts are that we will have Germany beat in another year. Lets all


hope so.

How are you all? How is Lois getting along? I wrote to Lydia last week. To Carl too. I have written him several times since his last letter. I guess he hasnt received mine. Well Ill stop blotting/beating? my brains out. Write


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