A little side project…

I haven’t really been doing much genealogy lately. Which is also why I haven’t posted any thing other than letters on my blog for the last month or so. In the summer there is a tendancy to do less research, as I find I would rather enjoy the weather, way more than I want to sit inside and analyze data, and work on brick walls.

But I have started one project that has been on the back burner for a while, and that is scan in all the individual images from my ancestor’s photo albums. The whole pages are currently on my flickr site, but I wanted to scan the images separately. I have 4 of these albums and they are taking a tediously long time to scan, but each image will be at least 8x10ish in size and 600 dpi. I have also been uploading them to my flickr site in their own album as I go.

One and 1/2 albums are done. I will be working on this project over the next two weeks. Hopefully I can finish it, but as I said, it is taking a tediously long time.

So far this is my favorite picture:

This is my grandmother Myrtle pouring tea for her friends at her outdoor tea party. Sometime in the 1910s. I think she looks adorable in this picture.


UPDATE: August 4th – ALL DONE! Well with those 4 albums anyway. I still have others to do. But one bite at a time.

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