July 7, [1949] Lois Shepard to in-laws


July 7 [1949]

Dear Dick –

Yes-I received the package last week after I had written you. Thanks loads for it all. The paring knif is tops. Bill is still in Jamaica but should be home the 15th to stay. Went to OB today & the Dr. says Aug. 5th for the baby. Course I don’t care how soon it happens.

Lucy Williams just called me from the club to tell me Bill made permanent Captain but that will  be as of Dec. 9, 1949. But at least he made it. She said a lot of them didn’t who were elegible. It sorta takes the kick out of it to know he had it but won’t be effective

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for 6 months. Nice Xmas present tho.

Had a letter from Helen & she says Trinidad is O.K. but she misses Ramey.

I’m having the group meeting here tomorrow. Then I won’t have to worry about it for several months.

Kenny has his fungus all cleared up & hope we can keep it that way. They had a swimming party & hot dogs & watermelon Monday on the 4th – The kids had a good time Kenny had 8 pieces of watermelon & 9 hot dogs – Didn’t get sick tho Lord know why. Sue lost an upper tooth today is anxiously awaiting the Fairy who leaves the dollar – Well must close & get to bed-


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