Letter August 23, 1951 William Shepard to parents

23 August 51

Dear Dick & Dad,

I am planning on coming home about October 1st. Will get a week’s leave and can drive you back to California.

Was going to buy a new car, either in Detroit or Columbus. The deal I had to get a plymouth in Detroit fell through and I am afraid to wait until October to buy a car at Rodenfels as they may either go up in price or not be available.

So we bought a new chevrolet station wagon here. Tell Ed it broke my heart to give up those goodyear tires. Dammit!

If you have any suggestions to offer please write so we can get every thing straightened out.

Dad, if you feel lke it, there is a plane ticket waiting for you to fly out.

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It will only take about 12 hours and we can meet you in Los Angeles. You could come out before I go back to drive Dick out. Just write & let me know if you would like to fly and Ill make the arrangements and send the ticket.

Have a good end to your vacation. I eat a couple of lake trout for me.


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