April 20, 1955 Lois Shepard to In-laws

April 14, 1955

Dear Dick & Dad,

Suppose you are back from West Virginia by now-Hope you had a nice visit.

We are all around the dining rm. table – Sue doing homework Bill working on a gun, Kenny Kibitzing & me trying to write.

Bill finally go his boat trailor etc. all assembled & we’ve had a couple of rides in it. It certainly does go & we think will be very satisfactory for our purpose. We watched a water ski show Easter Sunday & it was quite interesting and looked like lots of fun. So we are all anxious to get started. Probably break our

page 2
necks – but we’ll try anyway We are still shifting things around in the house – Not much storage space & no garage – there is one but they won’t let us use it! – So we had to pile a bunch of boxes & trunks in one corner of the large bedroom. – There is space for it but doesn’t look very good that way-

Bill hopes to go fishing tomorrow – He hasn’t done any as yet. Been too much to do- Tho we don’t think the fishing will be as good as Biloxi – Maybe he’ll find places where it is good after he’s been here a while –

David & Alan dont have any playmates there age

around here so they have leaned to play togeher much better – We decided not to send Dave to Kindergarten for that reason. Alan would really be lost – –

Hope everyone is O.K. at home & write –


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