Happy Yule etc. etc. etc…

So, I was able to scan some negatives from the family archives this month, and fortuitously they included some cool images from Yule time in Florida, I believe it is 1970. We were living in government housing in Orlando, right by McCoy AFB, which is now Orlando International Airport. The house we were living in is now 3123 Sagamore St. (Although it didn’t look like this when we lived there.)

My Dad’s sister and her family came down from Wisconsin to spend the holiday with us. Sometime during their visit we headed over to NASA to check out the gadgetry. (Check those pics out on my Flickr site.)

I even remember that ‘Spell It’ game!

Our Siamese cat Pyewacket can be admired in one of the pictures. She lost part of her tail in our kitchen screen door, although you can’t see that in the image. You had to be fast going through the door, that sucker really closed with a wack! Sadly, we had to leave her in the States when we headed overseas the next year. Although I believe that getting our collie might also have had some influence on her continued occupancy in the house. I’m afraid I don’t remember the details.

Anyway, have a great holiday season folks. See you next year in the inter-webs.

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