October 26, 1957 Letter W.A.S. To Dick Shepard

I believe this is a letter written by William Shepard, Sr, to his wife Dick. He must have had an operation in Ohio while Dick was still in Florida, or up north in Canada? For a guy who use to be a teacher his grammar is not so good!

Columbus Ohio
Sat. Oct. 26-1957

Re’cd your note of Wed., about 1 pm today.
It is now 2:45 PM I am listening to State &
Wisconsin game and write you as I hear the
game. The weather here has been cool for the
last few days I think it was 35 this am

I have been taking walks almost everyday
and enjoy them very much.

I have no information as to when I may be
able to get out of here. The Dr. has made
no mention as to when I will get the xray
I will mention it to him Monday A.M.
I will advise you as to any information
the Dr. gives me. I think I am
doing very well and hope to be out
of here soon.

Dick when you come back north I
would like you bring me wool hat
and overcoat.

I will not write you too often as
you know I hate to write letters it
also makes me feel nervous
I am sending a clipping from the
paper you remember the Edministes.
Well the ball game is over State
wone 16 to 13 not too good a game
supper is over I was all
ready to take a walk but will

[page 2]
not, because of light rain falling.

The paper predicts light snow maby.
for tonight

Dick you take your time about coming
home see too all business as we may
not be able get back down there for
some time.

I had a note from Alan David and
Sue Sue was secretary for Alan
I would love to see the family (Bills)
Sunday 12:30PM.

Dick I will close this short letter I
expect H.O. & Ruth to come soon. I will
have them mail this so you may get
it Tues.

The weather is gloomy today with
ocassional bits of snow. In the air
Will try and drop you a short
note Weds. evening.

With love, W.A.S.

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