It’s All About Me

Well, what I really mean is this post is about ‘girl power’ and a celebration of WOMEN, because, I am one of those.

A month or so ago the Women’s Center on campus, where I work, sent me an email:

You have been nominated as a Titan LeadHER to be featured in the Women’s Center’s Titan LeadHERship Photo Gallery! The Titan LeadHERship Photo Gallery is a photography exhibition on display during the month of March in the second-floor gallery of Reeve Memorial Union. The exhibit depicts images of women or femme-identified leadHERs on campus and their inspirational narratives. It is intended to promote leadHERship and empowHERment on campus throughout Women’s HERstory Month. The goal of this exhibit is to recognize current and inspire future women and femme-identified leadHERs on campus!

At first I decided, naw, I don’t feel like I have really done anything in the way of leadership examples, or empowering women. But, when I sent an email saying such, they sent back to me possible examples of leadership or empowerment. In other words, they changed my mind.

In this mornings’ work email I see that the exhibit is up and ready for folks to enjoy! There are lots of cool stories from lots of women. Including mine. I encourage you to check it out.

So, in my theme of focusing on the women in my ancestry, most of whom didn’t have much of a voice or power in their time, here are stories of their descendants, standing on the shoulders of their mothers, and mothers mothers, back through time, making their mark on the world. Being heard.

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