Mental slow down…

‘Tis the time of year that things start slowing down, getting ready for the frigid and dreary winter. That includes me. It has been a few weeks since I touched my genealogy, being busy with life, etc.

But, I have been through my first batch of newspaper film for Parkersburg, West Virginia. And…have nothing of interest to report. Unfortunately this particular paper, at the time (1865-’66), reported very little news of interest regarding it’s citizens. It’s focus was mostly political. Which in and of itself can be very interesting, but doesn’t help much in my research focus.

One item that kept popping up in the paper over the year of coverage that I was skimming through, was the issue of drainage and sewage in the town. Apparently the local paper was finding it incomprehensible that the town wouldn’t clean up the stinky mess of sewage that kept appearing in certain sections of town, yet areas where the well-to-do resided were kept spic ‘n span.

I also have been double checking the Hamburg passengers lists regarding our three families on the JOHN side that came over in the 1800s.

1. JOHN, F.W and Henrietta – arrival 1852, indicates Alt Raden as ‘from’
2. JAHN, Cl. Aug – arrival 1855, indicates Freienwalde, Oberbarnim as ‘from’
3. ISSERSTEDT, F. W. and family – arrival 1855, indicates Wandersleben as ‘from’

Now ‘from’ can mean where they last resided or where they were born, it is not clear. But at least it is a good indicator of where one can continue research in Germany and Poland (in F.W.’s case).

Well that is it for now. Tomorrow I plan on being at the Neenah Country Fair promoting our genealogical society. Talk to ‘ya later.

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