Begging is an underrated profession…

My first SHEPARD letter has not elicited a response, so I have given up on him. But the gentleman I found in Texas, Wayne SHEPARD, was kind enough to respond to me via email and we have had some very pleasant ‘conversations’. The crux of which means he has agreed to help me out by donating his DNA to the SHEPARD project. YAYYY! As he is quite content with his documented data regarding his line he didn’t feel a need to resort to DNA, but I convinced him that by doing so he will be helping out others like us who don’t have the luxury of those same types of documents.

So in a nutshell, when all the testing is done we will know whether or not Bill/Grandpa and Dr. John are descendants of William of Massachusetts.

If they are not, then the next connection to pursue is Phineas SHEPARD and Nancy WELLISON. Phineas is said to be from New Jersey and is also said to have had a son named Elza, a very interesting coincidence.

I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Later, jen

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