January 19, 1943 William Shepard to home…


January 19, 1943

Dear Mother:

I received your letter and the form. It is filled out like you designated. Thanks a lot mother, as I want to get all my insurance and affairs settled before I leave the country.

School is about over for me, and now Ill be getting down to business, which is keeping the planes flying and administration of a group.

Ill probably be in Pendleton Oregon in a few weeks barring any unusual event. I would love to come home, and If I can I will.



My time is kind of short tonite so Ill close. Tell Pop hello for me and you two keep good care of yourself. I heard a few things that Ill pass on:

  1. Rationing will really hit in a few months
  2. “A” cards will be cut to 6 gal a month.
  3. “B & C” cards will also be cut, but how much I dont know.
  4. Foods will get hard to find especially meats etc.

If you can sell the place perhaps you should. Say Ill have to pay income tax, teh! teh![laugh?]

I made about $1500 last year in spite of being in the army. Well so long mother & remember I remember you all.

Your son

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