January 19, 1943 Lyndsay Forder to William and Rachel Shepard

Rachel and William Shepard bought a cottage in Canada. I believe this letter is in regards to payment for upkeep on the place, while they were off back home in Ohio.


Thessalon Chrt.
Jan. 19th/43

Dear Mrs. Shepard:

Have your letter & also balance of money owing, for which I thank you. Am enclosing receipt for same. Have lots of snow & very cold. Just finished cutting dad’s ice. Boy that was a cold, hard job. Glad its done. Have to cut my own now. How is Herman & Mr. Shepard. Give them my regards. See you this spring I hope.

Best Wishes

Thessalon Chrt.
Jan 19th/43
Received the sum of $8.00 (eight dollars) from Mrs. W. A. Shepard which pays up in full wages on cottage at Cummings Lake.
Lyndsay Forder.

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