The end of another year

So here we are again at the end of another year. This one just happened to suck more than most, so I am glad that a new one is starting soon. Although, the next four years here in the U. S of A. are going to be the most ridiculous in history. Can’t wait for the circus/freak show to start.

No one answered my challenge of last year regarding comments and feedback. That’s a disappointment. But apparently I have acquired readers who aren’t even related to me. Welcome, I hope you find some interest in my posts. At the end of the year I also like to change things up, so I am using a new theme. That’s about as crazy as it is going to get.

You might have noticed that I stopped posting my calendar posts, those were temporary to get folks to remember my website. Which I am updating this week also. (Hopefully, soon, they will get some better templates for the software, because they are all pretty dated and hokey looking and I am not in the mood to learn the intricacies of CSS to make it all better.)

I had some good finds in the family tree to share this year, even though I really didn’t do a lot of intense research. The majority of it was newspaper related, as more and more newspapers are being digitized, which has really helped me flesh out several of my family lines. I love newspaper research!

There are stories in the pipeline, but, some are on hold needing research, or just figuring out how to tell the story well. This week for me is about chilling out, after all I am on vacation.

Have a great New Year!

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