April 19, [1943] Lois Shepard to Dick & Dad…


April 19, [1943]

Dear Dick & Dad –

Raining this morning. Our beautiful weather is gone.

Well – I’m wondering if Herman took his physical & if he passed it.

Bill has been made an engineering officer & relieved from his duties as transporation officer. He is very happy about it. Someone else can do the worrying now. He had too much responsibility before & no glory. He has a chance for advancement now. We will hope so anyway. He has been working late most of the time so I don’t see a lot of him. It was 10:00 last nite when he got home.

Evelyn & Jim will leave next Monday if she can get reservations I will miss her.- especially if Bill is gone a lot.

Don’t send me anything – Dick as I never know when I might be coming back & I have enough to get along on.

I got easter baskets for the kids the other day. They are talking about it but Ken of course doesn’t


know what it is all about I only hope Bill is home for Easter at least. If he gets home early tonite we are going to step out. Have to have a little fun. H. O. asked me to drink all I could for him but tell him that here you have to have a ration card to even get a smell.

Has Chuck gone yet? & what did they name the baby?

[Ken writing] Hi Dick & Dad –
This is Kenny.
[picture of train and scribbles]

Write soon – Love Lois.

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