April 23, [1943] Lois Shepard letter to in-laws


April 23 [1943]

Dear Dick and Dad,

Letter writing session. Eve & I are both at it. We got a letter from Aunt Vie and Pop this A.M. – Eve sure waits for the mail man. As bad as I used to be.

Well I am almost out of breath. Bill keeps me in a whirl trying to follow his changing orders. Two days ago something was in the air that he couldn’t tell me all about except that he would be going away. Maybe for a month, maybe for two. So we pack his things. Home he comes last nite & says it is all off. They were going north for a while-then overseas-but the orders wre changed. So we unpack-goes to work this A.M. & home at 9:00-going to Redman for a few days-So we pack. Oh-no. If I’m crazy is it my fault! He is going to try to fly home Sunday for the day. He hasn’t had a day at home since we’ve been here. But I do get a glimpe of him now & then as he comes home to pack.

Evelyn is leaving Mon. Nite so I shall be alone for a while. I think I could stand a rest as the kids drive us nuts. ken & Jim fight all the time.

we took Jim & Billy Lou-a neighbor girl to see “Bambi” last nite. I enjoyed it myself.

Hare I was all keyed up to going


to a formal Sat. nite & now that’s off since Bill’s gone.

How about Herman? Please write all of you. Send the public opinions too.


P.S. Have you moved yet?

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