May 17, [1943] Lois Shepard to in-laws…


May 18, [1943]

Dear Dick –

Just received a telegram from Bill giving me his address. He arrived early Sunday morning. In case he hasn’t sent it to you his address for the next four weeks will be

Lt. Wm. A. Shepard Jr.
Officer’s Mail Room
A.A. F. School of Applied Tactics
Orlando, Florida

I received a letter from Mom this morning. Said Evelyn got in Col. Tues. nite & stayed at Aunt Vie’s & then came out for lunch Wed. & went to Dayton on 2:00 o’clock bus. I spect she is glad to be home. Tho says she had a grand time at



Aunt Juanita, which I don’t doubt. I’m ironing today. Friday’s wash. I don’t have the heart to do my work. Ken, Sue, & I went for a walk yesterday to pass time & went down town to the candy shop. There isn’t hardly any candy here & you can only get it at certain times. I paid 66¢ for a half a pound.

Bill will be back in 4 weeks but it is going to be a lonely month. I hope you still plan on coming out as he will be back I know, for, I saw his ticket which was a round trip. We are hoping he will be stationed at Pendelton Field again on his return.

I sent the films H. A sent to Bill in Wash. last Mon. – Got them back Sat. & will send them on to Fla. Thus[?] night to catch up with him


sometime soon.

I bought myself a new dress & a pr. of shoes last week. $8.00 for the dress and $7.00 for the shoes. Clothes are expensive. If you come Dick – bring that print dress Ruth gave me – I forgot it – Kenny’s tricycle hair & bobbie pins, & that dress of Sue’s that Edna gave her.

Will close & get busy. Let me know when & if you decide to come.


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