August 24, 1943 William Shepard to home…


301st Service Squadron
Moses Lake A. A. B., Wa.
August 24, 1943

Dear Mother and Father

Here goes a letter. I try to write Lois all the news but now and then Ill slip you all a letter, presonal like. Nothing much stirring here. Ill be here for a while yet. It doesnt look as if Ill ever get overseas. Now Im a training officer. Its a horrible death to die. Happy to hear about Herman.

Say mom how about you and dad coming out Christmas to join Lois & me and we can have christmas together? Maybe you could come about Dec 15 and stay over & go to California? It would make a real trip, a vacation for you all and a chance for us to see eachother. Leaves of absence arent being given out here. Dad would enjoy this county. Yo may never get another chance. How about it?.


Its getting cool up here now. I expect it though because its Sept 1 almost.

Have a good time in Canada. I wish that I could come up, but the fish are just as big here and just as many. Im getting trout and bass with my fly rods. Some fun. The first bass I caught with my small rod took 5 minutes to land.

Well Ill shut up and listen

Your son

July 22, 1943 William Shepard to mother…


301 Service Squadron
Moses Lake A.A.B., Washington
July 22, 1943

Dear Mother,

I want you to do me a favor. There is $5.00 here and I want you to get Lois a real nice wood rolling pin and put the rest in flowers with a card reading.

“For the one you broke at Pendleton” Bill.

and on the flowers put

“With love for our wooden anniversary, From a wooden soldier.”

Thanks Mother.
Everything is OK. For news read the letter I sent to Lois.

Your Son

July 7, 1943 William Shepard to Dad…


301 Service Squadron
Moses Lake A. A. B., Wash.
July 7, 1943

Dear Dad:

As you problbaly know by now, Lois, K W and Sue are coming home with Mom. I think that it is best, because Im moving about to much for Lois to follow me, and Ill probably move over soon anyhow.

Its getting hotter than a fiddlers bitch [what does that even mean?!] here in the desert. I never knew there was a desert in the North West untill I came to Moses Lake.

I am working dawn till dark. My outfit is busy on B-17s, the heavy bombers.



Right now Im at Ephrata, Wash. doing some work to help out the sub-depot here. They are behind in their work so we are helping them out.

Nothing more now so Ill close and write later. Tell Ruth & Herm hello Ill write to them later also

Your son

June 13, [1943] William Shepard to Dad…


June 13 [1943]

Dear Dad:

On the road again. It seems that I’m always traveling. We finished school (or what ever you would call it) the 12th. I expect to get home on the 18th.

Ill be glad to see Mom Lois & K W & Sue. I wish that you could come out.

Lois and the babies might come home with Mother,


all depending upon how things look.

The weather has been hot here. Water melons are getting ripe. The south isnt such a bad place, but Ill take Ohio.

Meeting a lot of boys from West Va.

Well dad I hope taht you can read this as we have been switching in the years.

Ill write later

your son

May 11, 1943 Lois Shepard to in-laws


May 11 [1943]

Dear Dick, Dad & all –

Well – you can cease corresponding with Bill at Moses Lake – He arrived here last nite at 2:00 A.M. and is probably on his way now to Orlando, Florida – Yes, I said Florida – lovely, isn’t it? But he will be back here in one month. We know this as he was told to take only what he’d need with him for the month. It is another school. Some sort of school of tactics.

And I shall stay here – patiently awaiting his return. It will be one hell of a month but if he is coming back it would be silly for me to come back & miss seeing him again.

Now Dick – I’d still like for yo uto come out. You may not want to now tho –  with Bill being in Florida – The thing is – tho we don’t know anything about it – is that when he gets


back here he may soon be sent overseas. So your best bet to see him would still be to come out here. – Gee how I wish I could go to Florida with him tho I don’t imagine Orlando would be any place to stay – anyway it won’t compare with Miami Beach.

I went to a show with my neighbor last nite! Saw “Star Spangled Rythym” [released in 1942] – Very good. Also bought myself a dress yesterday – pink cotton for $7.95 I could make three for the price – It is darling tho – I must be losing weight as it is a size 13 – 14s are way too big for me. Also got Bill’s ration book but I certainly don’t need it. I’m not supposed to have it as long as he eats at Officer’s Mess but heck – I never know when he might be home & I’d need it. I just sent the films on to Bill in Wash – yesterday. I suppose they will have to follow him around the world before he

ever gets them.

Well, Evelyn is home by now. I must write her a letter I’ve so dam[darn?] many to write it takes half of my time. Well – anything to keep me busy. – I think a few more partings from Bill & I’ll be able to keep from bawling – I’ll soon run out of tears & they don’t do you a darn[dam?] bit of good. Exept to make you feel worse.

Write & let me know what you plan to do. All I can ever plan on doing is to wait. That’s all I’ll ever get done, I guess, is wait.


P.S. Don’t mind me – I’m just getting discouraged – And I might add – Damn this War!

May 5, [1943] Lois Shepard to in-laws


May 5th [1943?]

Dear Dick-

Four weeks ago I left. – with hopes high only to be dissappointed. Just received your letter of the 2nd but none from Bill- Haven’t heard from him for two days- He’s awfully busy I know as they have piled all sorts of responsabilities on him.

I have received two calls from friends of his that have flown in from Moses Lake. His address is-

301 Service Group
Moses Lake Army Air Base
Moses Lake, Wash.

He may get back for a day or two this week- I only hope so


I went to Club with my neighbor last nite. Played pinocle & had a good time.

Sent you a little gift for Mother’s Day which I hope you like – Would like to see both of my mothers Sunday but guess that is impossible so will just send Best Wishes for the day. Evelyn is having a good time at Aunt Juanitas. She bought Eve a dress – $22.95. O.K. I guess-guess I’ll go visit her too.

The weather is nice again but cool at nights. Sue had a little cold which I hope gets better soon.

My girl from the N.Y.A. took care of the children again last

without accident for a change. First time I had her she spilled ink on my table cloth- second time broke the baby’s bottle. – Maybe she was jinxed. – Must get asway to clean house as my land lady is coming for the rent today – Hope to see you soon.


May 1, 1943 William Shepard to parents


301 Service Squadron
Moses Lake Air Base
Moses Lake, Washington
May 1, 1943

Dear Mother and Dad,

I have been transferred to another squadron, and temporarily to another state. I am doing about every kind of work imaginable. This is a God-forsaken hole and I wouldnt even put a  rat in it. I am fine & so is everyone else. We hope to be in Pendleton again soon. Why dont you plan to come out and stay a month or so mother? We would be glad to have you.


Write and tell me how everyone is.
Love to all

April 28 [1943] Lois Shepard to in-laws…


April 28 [1943]

Dear Dick & Ruth,

Received your box Monday and letter – Was very glad to get both. Ken & Jim played the best of any day – that day. I guess it was just the lack of things to do that made them so biligerent.

Anyway they left Mon nite at 10:00 & Bill took them to the station. Then he got home at 10:30 – to bed at 11 & up at 2:30 – He left at 3:30AM and is now somewhere in the wilds of Washington. No hope of seeing ^him for a while and very little then. But he will try to get about 3 days off sometime this month. That is why he wanted me to stay. And – not knowing how things might work out – there is a possability of his returning to Pendleton after a couple of months


or going overseas. In either case he wants me to be here so he can see me whenever possible. So if you want to come out, Dick, your arrival will be greatly appreciated at any time. In fact – the sooner the better. Yesterday was my first day alone & if it is any example of those to follow – I don’t want any thank you. Just the knowledge that there is no one that I could go to in this town & no hopes of anyone dropping in for a short visit is enough to make anyone blue. Tho I’m not sorry I came for I did get to see Bill a little.

Just received your letter & one from Gertrude. Guess I’ve answered your questions all ready so whenever you can come it’s O.K. We don’t have much in the way of furniture but we make out. The worst problem is getting ice as they don’t deliver till June 1st. But it gets


cool enough at nite that things don’t spoil.

We have the softest water immaginable & it is a pleasure to wash your hair. We had beautiful weather the first week but it rains nearly every day now. Not cold but rainy. It clears up some in the afterboon. I use the lady next door’s washer for a quarter but I wash in the bathtub a lot too.

Do write & let me know if & when you are coming. I spect you are busy moving & all. Keep up the good work in writing. Hope Herman gets his deferement. We need a good man on the home front.

I’m in better spirits today than I was yesterday – thank heavens. If Ken would look at me I’d balw. Sue has a slight case of dysreah(?sp). Anyway she sh– to too much.


Will wait for word from you. And tell all the folks at home that I’ll be seeing them some time this summer.

Lost of Love

April 25 [1943] Lois Shepard to in-laws


April 25 [1943]

Dear Dick

Well-Bill will be gone to Washington State tomorrow – & Evelyn leaves tomorrow nite so I shall be all alone. And Bill had to check the beds & bedding back in today so we have one daybed for all of us tonite. Nice life —

Bill wants me to stay here as he can get back to see me at times & there is a chance that he will be sent back to Pendleton Field in a month or two. Here is a proposition — Would you like to come out the last of May & stay until things are decided. Then if I decide to come back to Ohio you can help me with the children which would be one h– of a job alone. Bill is still trying for flight training –


it will be either that or overseas — and you will want to see him before he goes.

I am going to try to get a second hand bed next week to do me. The kids are having a good time with their Easter basket this A.M. And bill hasn’t had a day at home yet. We went to a formal dance at the Officer’s Club last nite & had a very good time. I initiated the skirt & it held its own with all the other formals & I had one Tom Collins a& after one fast rhumba it started its effects but I managed to conrol myself. I only wish Bill could stay for it would be so much fun to go all the places with him. We have got to go a little in spite of this dam army– One day Bill will come home & pack to go somewhere

& then come back & unpack.–It keeps you guessing till you don’t care whether it happens or not.

Well Sue must have her bath so please write & let me know if you will come or not. Bill wants you to & he wants me to stay for a couple of months at least. I might have gotten ready & come back with Evelyn but we now know what might happen.


March 3, 1943 Lizzie to Dick and Dad


Casa Traude Arizona

Dearest Dick: will write you I get so home sick to hear from you and see you.

How are all of your family and where is your boy that is in the Army My Bob is in Algeras Africa I have had two letters from him he was shipped across the 3 of October all the rest of the children are OK. accept Joe and he is still sick but a lot worse than he was when you and Jess were here.

How is Jess I am going to write her.

I am sending you a picture of Pats two children and  Bonnies baby and one of Jeanne she is almost grown the picture of Jeanne isnt very good but you can tell what she looks like anyway I will put a cross on[?] Bonnies babys picture and the other two are Pats babys.

Dick I sure wish you could


come to see us. This old war has made things hard for us and I think it is going to be a lot harder before it is over.

I am sure having a tuff time and Joe sick so I cant work. I have give up all hopes of him ever being wll so I just have to make the best of it.

Donna & family are in Clifton Ariz her husband is on the defence work they have rented their home in Phoenix and bought them n a 27 foot trailor house to live in they come home real often and I am so glad we get so lonesome.

Well I must close I have to go to the store I do hope you will ans? I love you with all my heart send us a picture of your self iff you have one to spare bye bye with love Lizzi.

NOTE: I am not sure who Lizzi is in relation to Dick and Dad. Relation, friend. She is not a sibling to Dick because Dick had no sister named Lizzi or Elizabeth, only a Lydia. (Lydia was married to a Charles William; they had a son Charles jr. and possibly a daughter. It also appears that they always lived in Ohio. So…not Lydia).

ALSO NOTE: My old man insists on getting credit for noticing that Casa Traude is probably Casa Grande. I never said it wasn’t : ). I write what I see.